Name:  Win Pe Myint 
Nationality: Burmese 
Born in Minbu, Burma in 1948, Win Pe Myint is a master of still life. Working in oils, water colours, or pastels, his intimate rich compositions show a unique understanding of the use of colour. He is highly respected by other contemporary artists in Myanmar for the simplicity with which he treats each subject while bringing out its inherent splendour.

Although not formally trained in an art school, he learned basic painting form masters likeU Lun Gywee, Thein Han, and Paw Oo Thett.

He moved to Yangon in 1968 and threw himself into the city's art scene during 1972. He had his first one-man show in 1977 Since then he has held many shows in Myanmar and overseas - including Singapore and Hong Kong and his works have been exhibited in Japan, China, South Korea, the United States, and great Britain.

Most of his paintings are small, about nine inches by seven which allows the viewer to easily take in the whole picture like viewing a distant scene through a window.

Win Pe Myint is very much a lover of nature, an appreciation that is evident in his landscape paintings. "I don't artificially create the subjects in any of my paintings, but I also don't just copy natural scenes either. I just focus on subjects I am attracted to. It can be any object, or it can be colour or light."

He does not limit himself in terms of media or technique. He has experimented with them all, but his favourite is oil. 'You can bully oil. You can stop any time, erase it, or just paint over it.'