Name:  Myint San Myint 
Nationality: Burmese 
Myint San Myint came to develop his present distinctive style of painting slowly. He first studied physics and worked as a teacher for eleven years, drawing and painting as a hobby until he decided to improve his technique and began to study painting with renowned artist U Thein Han.

At first, he painted in a realistic style as he had been taught, but became bored with this approach and, since his family had a silkscreen business, he began to experiment with silkscreen as a medium. Gradually he progressed to using different media and styles, but retains a passion for working with prints.

In 2010, he began a series of paintings of movie stars, combining their portraits with movie posters. Less famous subjects included thanakha-wearing women and a mute neighbour who is paired with a stringless guitar.

The observerís attention is continuously shifted around his paintings from nearly obscured deeper layers to images laying on top of them.
Because he is commenting on the mass media with its advertisements, headlines, and posters,these familiar elements impart a certain unsentimental reality to his work, but it should also be viewed as capturing the spirit of an era.