Specialising in contemporary art from Burma ( Myanmar ), Cambodia and Vietnam, Heriot-Grant Gallery is delighted to bring many of the finest contemporary artists and their art to your attention. We always aim to hold a wide selection of different syles from landscape to abstract, figurative to impressionistic and a wide variety of sizes from very large to normal room size. Heriot-Grant Gallery has offices in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia and Edinburgh, UK and has staff permanently on the ground in South-East Asia (based in Cambodia) who travel extensively throughout the region and have over twenty years of experience in buying art in the region.

The artists currently represented include: Ko Ko Naing, Aung Ko, Shwe Thein, Sitt Moe Aung, Than Myint Aung, Saw Lin Aung, Myint San Myint, Nyi Nge, Min Zaw, Zwe Yan Naing, Zaw Zaw, Eain Aye Kyaw, Shwe Daung, Dawei Lay, Win Pe Myint, Leang Seckon and with other artists being added regularly.

All works of art displayed on the website are owned by Heriot-Grant Gallery and, unless otherwise stated, are in stock ready for immediate shipment anywhere in the world. Shipment is FREE and DHL Express service is used.

Currently the works of art held by Heriot-Grant Gallery are dominated by the Burmese (Myanmar) artists. The gallery is committed to supporting Burmese artists and works closely with various galleries and directly with the artists themselves, the current situation in Burma often making it difficult for artists to promote their works.


Artist - Saw Lin Aung
Size - 60 inches x 72 inches
Medium - Acrylic on Canvas

Heriot-Grant Gallery is dedicated to promoting contemporary artists from around the world, especially established and emerging artists from Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam.

With a permanent presence in this part of the world and over twenty years experience of purchasing art in these areas and an established network of artists and galleries we are well placed to identify new talent and maintain contact with established talent.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of our business and if we can assist you in anyway.


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5 new paintings by Myint San Myint have been added - view

26th Oct 2011

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Featured Artist for November - Win Pe Myint

Born in Minbu, Burma in 1948, Win Pe Myint is a master of still life. Working in oils, water colours, or pastels, his intimate rich compositions show a unique understanding of the use of colour. He is highly respected by other contemporary artists in Myanmar for the simplicity with which he treats each subject while bringing out its inherent splendour. Although not formally trained in an art school, he learned basic painting form masters likeU Lun Gywee, Thein Han, and Paw Oo Thett.

A Selection From the Artworks Currently Available

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